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Oh Tara, holy liberator, swift acting mother, we
pray and invoke your blessings.
Please watch over us, protect us, and hold us in your
loving embrace.
Green Tara Mantra Read by His Holiness The Dalai Lama

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We will up date this picture page as much as we can. The first 15 pictures are of The Eskie puppies first day out. It was 64(F) and sunny today (February 14th 2006) so this was the perfect day for the little puppies to get outside for the first time. The mom Karma, Abby and Jazmyn were in charge of the puppies. 
Keep in mind when looking at Abby, that she just had 9 teeth pulled yesterday at the vet.  She didn't loose a step as the puppies nanny. 
You can tell  Abby from Karma because Karma has longer legs and is skin and bones from her past condition which included Tape worms. Enjoy the pictures and Video there will be more to come. Perry
american eskimo feeding.JPG (66528 bytes) American Eskimo dog puppies and mother feeding time .JPG Abby and the Eskie pups.JPG (67425 bytes) Abby and the Eskie pups.JPG American Eskimo Dog Puppy.JPG (58501 bytes) 
American Eskimo Dog Puppy .JPG
Busy Eskie.JPG (63897 bytes) 
Busy Eskie .JPG
Busy little Eskie.JPG (63544 bytes) 
Busy little Eskie .JPG
Eskie buddies.JPG (72157 bytes) 
Eskie buddies .JPG
Eskie feeding time 2.JPG (51574 bytes) 
Eskie feeding time 2 .JPG
Eskie puppies outside first time.JPG (62909 bytes) 
Eskie puppies outside first time .JPG
eskie saw her shadow.JPG (62459 bytes) 
eskie saw her shadow .JPG
feeding time jazmyn and abby standing guard.JPG (65660 bytes) 
feeding time Jazmyn and Abby standing guard .JPG
 Improptu meeting.JPG (52914 bytes)
Impromptu meeting of the American Eskimo dog Puppy local 86 .JPG
Jazmy karma abby pups feeding.JPG (62219 bytes) 
Jazmyn Karma Abby pups feeding .JPG
Playing American Eskimo Puppies.JPG (72798 bytes) 
Playing American Eskimo Puppies .JPG
smiling american Eskimo dog puppy.JPG (71127 bytes) 
Smiling American Eskimo dog puppy .JPG
Smiling Eskie.JPG (58713 bytes) 
Smiling Eskie .JPG
 Do I look like an american eskimo dogtxt.jpg (56651 bytes)
Do I look like an American Eskimo Dog yet?
puppies sharing a sticktxt.jpg (40895 bytes) 
Puppies sharing a stick
american eskimo bookendstxt.jpg (52100 bytes) 
American Eskimo Book Ends
huge eskie smiletxt.jpg (59111 bytes)
Huge Eskie Smile
 eskie lovetxt.jpg (39597 bytes)
Eskie Love
 DSC00122.jpg (50921 bytes)
Along with the puppies are the volunteers who are the heart and soul of AEDRSI
DSC00120.jpg (47290 bytes)

I smell a child just don't see one

DSC00132.jpg (46643 bytes)

It is hard to be so much in demand

picofthe.jpg (40807 bytes)

Might do well with children :)

DSC00137.jpg (41196 bytes)

10-year old Lug Nut finds a way to upstage the puppies

a.JPG (22797 bytes)

b.JPG (26495 bytes)

c.JPG (27011 bytes)

d.JPG (26032 bytes)

e.JPG (31335 bytes)

Sitara's New Home

sitara4.jpg (105803 bytes)

sitara3.jpg (113735 bytes)

sitara5.jpg (82545 bytes)

sitara1.jpg (55781 bytes)

sitara2.jpg (111305 bytes)

I think I might need to by pried out of Stacie's arms

This yard is ALLLL mine! I wonder where I would wind up if I climbed through this pipe This is my new people I hope my new humans are prepared for many more kisses

Karma bids AEDRSI and Her Pups a Fond Adieu 

karmanew1.jpg (81709 bytes)

karmanew2.jpg (54038 bytes)

karmanew4.jpg (44145 bytes)

karmanew5.jpg (23783 bytes)

karmanew3.jpg (21883 bytes)

 Patience and Veruca's New Folks

wet pups.jpg (35738 bytes)
Drying out

Patience1.jpg (35120 bytes)

Patience2.jpg (44869 bytes)

veruca1.JPG (33502 bytes)

veruca2.jpg (27831 bytes)

 Petco Adoption Day

Deanna pup.jpg (33480 bytes) erica pup.jpg (30304 bytes) Kathie pup.jpg (46234 bytes) Shelly pup.jpg (44127 bytes) puppies fence1.jpg (35895 bytes)


skittles new2.jpg (47069 bytes)
Skittles new family
skittles new1.jpg (55490 bytes)
Skittles new family and Sangha "the Ham"







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This is 13-year old 
Jahmbi Woof teaching "patience by example".

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