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Today was a hot and muggy day. Perry only had a short while to take me for an excellent adventure, so we went shopping. the first thing we did was make sure I had plenty of water and then he set up a bed in the van (like I am really going to use that) He turned up the air conditioning and put one of those round shiny silver discs in the dash board that makes him bob his head while he is driving.( I might not be able to hear, but I am observant)
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 We headed down the road, our first stop was the bank. The people there just love me and they always smile and give me treats. I was having so much fun I almost forgot my deposit slip. 

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After the bank we went to Petco were I needed to procure some food and see what else they had. It was about 30 minutes away from home.

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 This was my first adventure to Petco. I walked in those scary doors that seem to know when I am coming, I looked around and saw more neat stuff than I have ever imagined existed in one place.

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 There wasn't only neat stuff but People and children Yes! those wonderful children, that just love to run their little hands through my fur and smile in the innocent way only a child can. I even had an adult take the leash for a bit and she was happy just to do that. Could I be that special?

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  I had to show Perry what type of food we needed and then when it was loaded into the cart we were able to look at all the toys and the treats. I even tried on a few things in the fashion section. Every were I turned there was another person to pet me and to say hello. Although I could of spent the whole day there Perry had to go as he had a bunch of work to do. 

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 I went to the check out and was tracked down by those same children I met earlier, they wanted to say good bye.

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 The lady at the checkout counter was very nice and polite to me and even gave me a special treat while she rang up my purchases and gave me the receipt and told me to have a wonderful day.( I already have had a great day just coming here).

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 We headed back home and I just looked out the window and reflected on my excellent adventure and I hope to have another one soon. 

Until then your friend,

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