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 1.jpg (25704 bytes)Hi everyone, Missy here.   I am soo happy to have gone on another Adventure.  Jeff, Sandy & Ivory came from South Dakota to visit me. I am not sure if you remember but that is were I am originally from. Sandy and the folks from Pet Pals for Life were the ones who discovered me. Today our adventure is going to take us to the Bridges of Madison County. Yes! the same ones in that famous Clint Eastwood movie. They are in the same area as my new home at the American Eskimo Rescue and Sanctuary of Iowa. Before I came here I thought Iowa was just a bunch of flat land and corn fields, I think they have kept it so beautiful here because they are proud folks that appreciate nature just for what it is. If you want to see for yourself, rent the movie or better yet.... Come on down and take me for an adventure!
 Well off we go!

  Now in order to have an excellent adventure one needs Ice Cream. Come on, Come on, enough with the loving - this place smelled like ICE CREAM! a necessary nutrient :)~2.jpg (18595 bytes)

YEP! I knew it Ice Cream - these humans know how to live!3.jpg (17609 bytes)

 We traveled a ways down the road until we came to what was one of the parks nears the famous bridges....This place looked really neat - Jeff was a gentleman and helped me out.4.jpg (38225 bytes)

I was told they call call this place a Park -  Me and Ivory thought it was pretty cool!5.jpg (63507 bytes)

 Sandy said "this is a neat bridge lets check it out".6.jpg (61880 bytes)  Something smelled really good over there, I had to investigate!7.jpg (38924 bytes)

I found out, that was a BIG mistake!8.jpg (40489 bytes) OUCH!!!

 We stopped at another Bridge!  I asked Ivory if we should smile for this picture9.jpg (58410 bytes)

Boy I was pooped - Jeff carried me for awhile.10.jpg (44640 bytes)

11.jpg (38660 bytes)On the way home we stopped by John Wayne's home.  I never met the guy but there were a lot of humans checking out his house.  He gets a lot of company - he's lucky! Perry explained to me that when you have that many people to honor you when you are gone that you are truly special. Kinda like if we were a stick of incense, Every one learns to use the oxygen around them to glow and burn brightly, but when it becomes nothing but ashes, the only thing that will cause the memory of the incense is the aroma that it has left behind. And he told me that I am soo good that I will leave behind the aroma of the sweetest perfume.

What a fun day!  Lots of hugs and kisses from Sandy & Jeff, playtime with Ivory, Ice Cream, the park (all those bridges) and that guys house they call "The Duke".  I can hardly wait for my next adventure.  Won't you come?12.jpg (14603 bytes)
Until then, Love,

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