At 11:08 am on Wednesday May 12, 2004 our beloved Missy started her journey to the Rainbow Bridge.  Our vet, concluded that Missy suffered from an age related neurological disease.  Over the last 2 months we watched her strength deteriorate.  Even as her body was growing weak, Missy's vibrancy never waned.  She came to me in a dream the night before she left to say goodbye and let us know it was time.  Perry held her the whole morning and she died in his arms with the knowledge of how much she was loved and cherished.  To us she will always be Love's Graceful Matriarch.
Love’s Graceful Matriarch
 so full of joy’s bright light
You have brightened our home
 with your unconditional love.  
Of all the souls we saved
 yours has lit our hearts with
 the brightest of flames  
Your quiet strength and
 steadfast devotion
 will always be a beacon
 to guide our hearts and steps
 on the paths of our lives.  
We thank you for your love
 and time spent with us
The lessons you have taught
 we will never forget  
Our hearts are so heavy
 and empty at the same time.
As you travel to the bridge
 on the wings of a dove   
As we bid farewell to your earthy light
 we look forward to our next meeting
Love's Graceful Matriarch
              ~ Stacie
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