In late May 2002 a something very special occurred. The American Eskimo Rescue and Sanctuary of Iowa was blessed with another senior sanctuary resident, a deaf almost blind 14-year-old girl Missy, with a horrifying past, but with an unbreakable spirit and a smile that could melt the heart of the most unyielding oppositions. She had both Kidney failure and Epileptic seizures and needed constant medical treatment and care. The Vet gave her six months at tops and we beat those expectations by a mile and a half. In our quest to make up for the 14 years of her life she lost, we set up a program “Missy’s Excellent Adventures” to try to make up for that time. What we didn’t realize then was the major impact she was going to have on the animal loving community. In a very short time Missy became an icon that represented all the neglected senior animals and the triumph over their obstacles. There was a constant flow of Visits, Phone Calls, Letters and E-mails. Some were just to see how she was doing or to stop by and say hi; but the stories we heard about how she encouraged people to choose a senior pet to bestow upon what Missy had been given, were the most gratifying of all. We even had some folks stop by to visit Missy and leave with one of our senior residents. Thanks to those who befriended Missy, the last 2 years of her life were lived in bliss.
A constant dizzying rush of thoughts swirl though my head when I remember her. It is hard to say this to one so dear as Missy, now we say goodbye. But the memory of her special love will never leave those that Missy touched so gracefully. Although it is hard not to morn Missy’s departure, I know she would want this to be a time for all to celebrate her love, compassion and triumph over her challenges and to use her example for the rest of our own lives.

Dear Missy,

You had a profound effect on me since the day we met. I remember housetraining you at 14 years old and thinking about an old adage about old dogs and new tricks. You looked at me, then gave a nod and a wink. Soon you followed and slept at my side helping me get through some of most difficult times. Peace was in your every thought.

 I remember that night when I laid there in turmoil and saw the light inside you, shining on the ceiling, its reflection made my thoughts naked as a newborn child. The bright white light that is the culmination of all the colors in the rainbow, where now you have gone.

 You could not hear me, although you always knew what to do. Even though now I can’t see you, I closed my eyes and saw you smiling, wearing the wings you used to fly away. That is the vision of you that will live inside of me for the rest of my time.

Until then your friend,



We have put together a multimedia presentation to remember Missy.

 It is produced in Macromedia Shockwave. Most (97%) browsers have flash player built in. If you cant see or hear this, you need to download the player you can visit to download the free player. It is about a 2 minute download for the player.





Missy's Love
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