To South Dakota

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Hi Everyone, Missy here, It has been so long since I have been on an adventure(9 months)Missy Sd01.jpg (25354 bytes)

 With all the Eskies being helped in 2003.  I had to pitch in and help Perry around the Iowa Eskie Spa and Resort. Although I met a lot of new Eskie Friends, I had to help with keeping up on the Shelters, Eskie Owners looking for medical or training help and some to place their Eskies in new homes and the potential adopters that were matched up with new families. So my adventures had to be put on hold for a while. I have been here about 1 years and that is a lot longer than anyone ever guessed I would be around, anywhere. That would make me 15.

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In this adventure I went on a road trip to South Dakota which is were I am originally from.Missy Sd05.jpg (25788 bytes)

 It was sooo good to see all the folks from Pet Pals For Life who were the people that originally rescued me from my terrible situation.

  Missy Sd02.jpg (21143 bytes)We first went to visit Jeff and Sandy Christains and also had a visit from Susan Battista
and then I went on to the Heart of the Vine Coffee and Tea Company to see Sharon Rae.Missy Sd10.jpg (37503 bytes)Missy Sd07.jpg (39493 bytes)

 It was on a Sunday so the The Heart of the Vine Coffee shop was closed but Sharon opened it just in my honor, that is how special I am <grin>


A few of the other Eskies came with me on this adventure, Codie Coyote, Mirage and Sangha. But they stayed at Jeff and Sandy's house while I visited The Heart of the Vine. Codie is over a year older than me and he isn't feeling well, so he hasn't left Perry's side, he slept most of the time. 

It was so cool to have a famous coffee shop all to myself!! There was also Wine and Beer making supplies. I had to keep Perry away from that area I remember the last time he tried to make wine, what a mess :)Missy Sd09.jpg (46947 bytes)

Missy Sd13.jpg (23655 bytes) Missy Sd14.jpg (9556 bytes)  Missy Sd18.jpg (31878 bytes)  

  Missy Sd22.jpg (38548 bytes)Sharon showed me her display in the front of the shop. I don't like to "one up" the other dogs on the display, but I did have the most pictures :)

Missy Sd26.jpg (23522 bytes)  As I looked out the door there was a group of people looking in the door to admire me.Missy Sd16.jpg (19775 bytes)  Missy Sd15.jpg (21629 bytes) Missy Sd17.jpg (19690 bytes)

 We headed back to Iowa and all the way home I thought and realized how good beings will always find each other again, if not in person maybe just in reminiscence.  Thank you for taking this adventure with me. I am still available for adventures. My legs aren't as sturdy as they used to be, but I can still make it around ok. And I will still like to meet as may wonderful folks as I can. Please look me up if you have a chance.

          Until then, your friend,

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Here is a video clip of my visit to the Heart of the Vine Coffee Company













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