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missy vet19.JPG (15414 bytes)Today was my one month check up. It is hard to believe I have only been at the Iowa Eskie Spa and Resort for only a month. There has been so many good changes in my life, good things that I never imagined would ever happen to me. When I first came here I was having what they called seizures. I haven't had one since the fifth day I was here. Perry tells me I partly have these two guys named Ben and Jerry to thank for my recovery. You see a long time before there was medicines available for Epilepsies, there was the Ketogenic Diet.  Perry put me on a raw version of the Ketogenic diet for a while. This consists of high fat and Good quality ( like Ben and Jerry's) vanilla ice cream. Perry said that the seizures were caused by a sort of electrical short in my brain ( Kinda like when he tries to fix things around here) And the fat would work as an insulator. This was a very touchy situation because I have to have low protein because of my Kidney problem. He took extra care and monitored my activity very closely for about the first week. Here is a link to learn more about it. 

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So back to my vet visit. I went with Michaela because she need all of her shots updated before she goes to her new home. We rode to the Vet with Stacie and she put us on this neat leash that both of us could walk side by side on.missy vet2.JPG (19798 bytes) missy vet4.JPG (22871 bytes) missy vet9.JPG (16978 bytes)    missy vet5.JPG (19968 bytes)


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 On the way in, me and Michaela had to check outside of the door to see who was there before us. Upon entering we meet a bunch of wonderful friendly faces, and of course they all had to pet and admire me. (I must be really special) We went to see Dr. Jane Tabor. She looked me over and weighed me first, I gained 4.2 pounds!!!!! The next item of business was to check my blood for the kidney problem. She had an assistant help with the drawing of the blood I was very scared but she cuddled and rubbed my tummy and made the ordeal so much easier. I anxiously waited for the results. <drum roll> My blood test showed that I no longer am in the danger zone. This means every thing is back to normal!!!! missy vet1.JPG (15262 bytes) Even though I still need to be monitored regularly for any changes. I was so happy I gave the vets assistant one of my famous hugs.missy vet12.JPG (16760 bytes) I am not completely out of the woods yet but with wonderful gourmet service and constant top notch vet care, I will have more longevity than originally thought. I would like to thank all the wonderful and generous folks who made all these good things happen.missy is waiting.jpg (13269 bytes) P.S. I still need more adventures so stop by and see me.

Until then your friend,