Abby Rhoads Test Results

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abby van.jpg (18467 bytes)Today was a happy day for Abby and all who care for her. We set out for Ames, Iowa; The home of Iowa State University, home of the highest ranked veterinary school in the world. We had spent quite some time preparing ourselves for the worst. Abby was thought to have Juvenile Cataracts. This would have givenabby waiting room.jpg (12577 bytes) us 2 scenarios. The first would be to have surgery to correct the problem if the retina was active. The second was if the retina was not active we would have to slowly watch her go blind. As I pulled into the parking lot I felt a overwhelming anxiety come over me. At this point all the preparing that I did meant nothing. We took a bit of a walk and headed into the Small Animal Facility. At the desk were several reception personnel. I proceed to check in and was trembling while I pulled out the papers. Abby was her cool self and checked around the lower area of the desk. We waited for about a half an hour and in that time met several other puppies with much more serious dilemmas than the one Abby was in. After all no matter what was to happen we were going to leave there together.  abby with dr betts.jpg (33509 bytes)We made it into the examining room were there was Dr. Betts and two of his protégés, waiting Abby's arrival. Abby sat on the table and was quite accommodating. She had some eye drops put in her eye toabby test.jpg (23835 bytes) dilate the pupils, we waited for them to take effect. She was checked by both the students and then Dr Betts. He used a multi optic device that was able to show one of his students and me exactly what he was looking at. He showed us Abby's optic nerve and the veins that are attached, along with the unique way the  parts of the inner and outer eye blends so perfectly together. I should of had to pay tuition for all I learned. The final diagnosis was that she does not have Cataracts at all. She just has some particles in her pupil that is normal but is sometimes mistaken for  Juvenile abby_out_front.jpg (34192 bytes) Cataracts. After all the test and results were completed,  Dr. Betts informed me that he had made a decision about the bill and for all practical purposes, did this work pro bono. All the people that are working part time jobs to pay for their animal rescue knows how much of a relief a gesture like this is. I would like to thank all the people that have offered financial and fundraising assistance. You are all truly the saints of the world.abby_rhoads_web.jpg (23358 bytes)


Peace to you,


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