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Hi Friends, Missy here.MISSY1.jpg (22060 bytes)

Sunday my Daddy told me that someone was coming to take me on an adventure. And boy did they. An Eskie named Grace brought her Dad and Mom, Dwight and Renee, and her grandparents Ken and Joyce with their dog, Sammy, to see me. I went out and got in the car with Grace and her parents and we were off on the road. . Bye Mom!


The first place we went was called A&W. All us fuzzbutts got a dish of...Ice Cream! Hooray.MISSY2.jpg (20367 bytes)  I'll have mine from a spoon please. MISSY3.jpg (23360 bytes) Sammy gobbled his down real quick. Sammy's a Shih Tzu with a "bad boy" haircut! While we were having ice cream, the humans had something called "root beer". MISSY4.jpg (41855 bytes)


After that, we got back in the car and went to a place called Lake Ahquabi to look at all the pretty leaves. Renee told me that someone called Jack Frost came and painted them all. Wow, he sure did a good job! MISSY5.jpg (47175 bytes)


There were lots of things to sniff and explore along the trail, of course, with 3 dogs, we sometimes had difficulty trying to decide where to go. Sometimes we got a little tangled! MISSY6.jpg (40081 bytes) I thought this area needed explored, but I was wrong. MISSY7.jpg (66153 bytes) I got cockleburs in my fur!


We went down to the bank to look at the water. Hey there's fish in there. That sounds tasty but I prefer ice cream.........mmmmmm, ice cream!MISSY8.jpg (91944 bytes)


There were a lot of people at the lake fishing. Some of them were on the porch of a house on the lake. Dwight said it was an ice fishing house. Missy9.jpg (58737 bytes) We went in and looked. It was really funny. It had a big hole in the floor!!! Us Eskies have a saying; "Its far better to teach a man to fish.....for you, than to do it yourself".


After we walked a little farther there was this neat hump-back bridge. Dwight and I stopped in the middle to look at all the scenery.Missy10.jpg (30425 bytes)


On the other side we stopped to rest and all us dogs had a nice drink of water and a rest in the shade. Well, Grace and I rested, that rascal Sammy just ran and ran. "Look at him, Grace, " I said, "aren't boys silly!" Missy11.jpg (67152 bytes) I also got lots of loving from Grace's grandma, Joyce. She's a nice lady! MISSY12.jpg (49753 bytes)


While we were there, Grace decided to show everyone her Count Dracula impersonation for Halloween! She's silly, too. Missy13.jpg (23641 bytes)


We started back to the other side. Grace was walking her Grandma and Grandpa way out ahead and Sammy was still running!  Renee and I decided to take our time and just enjoy the scenery! Missy14.jpg (60791 bytes)


On the way back we met this cool Lab and her Daddy. She said that he throws her toy way out in the water for her to go fetch. She would usually like to play longer, but her Daddy gets tired!!!! Missy15.jpg (38193 bytes)


Adventures are really fun, but I think maybe the best part is meeting and spending time with new friends!MISSY16.jpg (37343 bytes)  I'm hoping that I meet more people and have more adventures soon. So, until then, I'll be waiting.


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