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I was resting on the kitchen floor when Tucker let us know someone was visiting us. Perry let two people in to see us. I found out they were called Linda and Bill and they had come to see me! Perry told me they came all the way from a place called Normal, Illinois. All us Eskies were crowding around them and they were petting us and smiling at us. I know they liked us! They told Perry they wanted to take me on another adventure and my friend, Mirage could come also. We all went outside and we climbed into their van and started to bark," Lets go!"go 01.jpg (57501 bytes)


Down the road to Adventure we went!went 02.jpg (43470 bytes)


I just knew Mirage and I would have a lot of fun!fun 03.jpg (54077 bytes)


Mirage says "I'm glad I got to come along"mirage 04.jpg (44038 bytes)


Are we there yet?yet 05.jpg (43643 bytes)


Bill and Linda said this was a park, I gotta see this! Come on Mirage.see this 06.jpg (60164 bytes)


Wow, this smells good!good 07.jpg (114993 bytes)


So this is what a park is like. We like it 08.jpg (56869 bytes)


I'm smellin more good stuff, I gotta go see

smellin 09.jpg (72744 bytes) number 10.jpg (53841 bytes) number 11.jpg (51720 bytes)

Hey, this looks interesting!interesting 12.jpg (35110 bytes)


Look at all the water.water 13.jpg (41229 bytes)


I just met some very friendly humans. They said I was "cute" and "soft"

and they said I was "Beautiful" They were good Humans!beautiful 14.jpg (63772 bytes)


We left Gray's Lake Park and I found out we would be visiting a place called


Bill took me into this place that had a lot of good smells!smell 15.jpg (49109 bytes)


Linda came with us too.came 16.jpg (55773 bytes)


I already knew how to lick an ice cream cone!cone 17.jpg (34721 bytes)


This stuff is too good, MMMMMMM!mmmm 18.jpg (37647 bytes)


I got to remember how to get back to this place 19.jpg (68112 bytes)


I cant wait to get back and tell everyone about this day we had together! I hope to have another excellent adventure soon Until then, Your Friendday 20.jpg (55775 bytes) Bonus Video -Complements of Bill and Linda