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In this Missy’s adventure update, Missy stayed home.  Missy has become Perry’s constant shadow.  He doesn’t go anywhere in the house or in the yard that Missy does not follow.  Perry was out cutting up some firewood for us and of course Missy was right on his heals.  Here are a few pictures of the aftereffect.

missy 2.jpg (26532 bytes)As you can see, Missy is covered in wood chips.  That is because, even when the chainsaw is running, Missy will not leave Perry’s side.  She is no more than a step behind him, ever.  If she does loose track of him, she will franticly run all over the house or the yard until she finds him.  Missy wants absolutely nothing to do with me.  When I try to grab her to move her out of the way, or I try to bring her in to feed her, or to get her out of bed with Perry to take her out, she swings around and snips (nicely) at me.  It has almost become a game between us to see who is faster.  J


Here is Missy and Harpo waiting for Daddy to come back outside.  Missy just paces and pacesmissy 3.jpg (20208 bytes) until Perry comes back outside.


missy_4.jpg (23035 bytes)This is one of my favorite pictures of Missy.  We have had her for quite a while now.  Little Miss Missy has come quite a long way from the sick elderly dog that arrived here.  Missy was diagnosed with Kidney failure shortly after arriving.  She is a standard Eskie, and she only weighed 19 lbs.  She is deaf, partially blind and was not house trained.  You wouldn’t recognize her now.  Her renal failure is in remission, she has gained weight, and she is happy.  Missy is now on level 3ITL.  If you know Perry’s training method, you know this means that she has the complete run of the house and can sleep up stairs with our personal Eskies.  She is also a "crown head", which means she is one of only 5 Eskies that are allowed in Perry’s office with him.

missy 5.jpg (35363 bytes)It just goes to show you that you can teach “old dogs’ new tricks”.  Missy is living proof.  She was never even housetrained until she was 14 years old.  She is a pleasure and a joy, and we are just hoping that she will have many more adventures. We are thankful everyday that she is with us.  Maybe when the weather gets nice, you can come as see her.  She will be waiting for you. Until then, Stacie

missy out.JPG (65639 bytes)

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