Notice: Due to exorbitant fuel costs and rising rescue expenses, The Eskie Express has been forced to suspend service until further notice.

Pet Transport Services

Eskie Express™ Pet Transport Services started as an emergency rescue pet transport service for the American Eskimo Rescue and Sanctuary of Iowa to transport an Eskie to safety after the old "railroad system" where an Eskie was handed off to multiple volunteers had failed. We learned the "railroad" method was not effective and safe enough to handle the  pet transport needs of the busy rescue. Most of the time an Eskie would wind up stuck somewhere in between destinations, was not rescued in time and sometimes lost or injured in transport.         
As more people heard of our pet transport service, we experienced the need for transport of other pets to get safely to their destination all over the country.
Our service has recently developed from that one Eskie in desperate need into a service that is available to the whole animal loving community. 

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of pets does the Eskie Express transport?
A. Any kind of pet, excluding pets that are deemed vicious or have been banned by the U.S. government for private possession

Q. What areas does the Eskie Express operate?
A. The Eskie Express operates in most of the continental U.S. and parts of Canada

Q. How do I request transport for my pet?
A. You will need to contact us to find scheduling availability.

Q. How much does your service cost?
A. We quote the transport "round trip" from our location (central Iowa) to your location and if required, to the final destination of your pet. Our current rate is between $.82-$1.28  per mile depending on the amount of layover/overnight stays involved. So if a pet can be transported in 1 day, it will cost less per mile than a pet that will take 2 days and so on. Our goal is to keep our rates as fair as possible for everyone and still be able to financially support the service for the long term.
*Discount Rates
Pets adopted directly from American Eskimo Rescue and Sanctuary of Iowa qualify for discounted rates of.$.67-$1.13 per mile   

Note: Because of record high fuel prices we also have a $5.00 fuel surcharge per 150 miles. This surcharge is removed when the national average per gallon fuel prices goes below 1.60 per gallon.

Q. Do you use airlines to transport pets?
A. No. We are a ground transportation service. There will be times when we take a pet to an airline or pick a pet up and take him or her to thier final destination. All air transport arrangements will need to be made by the pets owner/caregiver.



 Special Needs Pets

Being involved with a rescue and sanctuary that specializes in seniors as well as ones that need constant medical attention has given us wellsprings of  experience to deal with most pet's special needs. We do ask that we be able to contact your vet to make sure we are following his or her orders.



 Calculating Mileage

There are a few ways that mileage is calculated depending on the actual transport task. We use Mapquest to determine the miles between one point and another. All miles are calculated "round trip" for the transport vehicle and driver.




Why should I contract the Eskie Express to transport my pet?

The  Eskie Express was created by the founders of the American Eskimo Rescue and Sanctuary of Iowa, a licensed, non-profit animal welfare organization. Our transport services reflect our years of experience and service to the animal community.

Hundreds of animals have been comfortably and safely transported without incident.

Although there are other ways of transport, we understand that it only takes one mistake or handoff with the old volunteer "railroads" or mishandling on an airline for your cherished pet to be lost forever.
 Eskie Express is the safest and most reliable method,  the most important part of transporting your pet.




All pets being transported must have proof of vaccinations and must not have been deemed vicious by a veterinarian, humane society or animal control officer.

No animals banned by the U.S. government for private ownership will be transported.

No horses, circus animals or animals considered livestock will be transported by Eskie Express. 

A leash and harness must be provided by the pets owner/caregiver.

Food will be provided by the pets owner/caregiver. We would prefer the pet being transported to have his or her regular diet to help reduce stress and intestinal upset due to a change in diet.

The pet's owner/caregiver must provide a kennel if the pet is to have a kennel left at its destination. The proper kennel is a plastic type that your pet can stand up in and turn around. Eskie Express will not accept wire kennels for safety reasons.

 All non-emergency transports will be paid no later than 7 days prior to transport. Refunds are available up to 2 days before transport. Emergency transports will be paid only by credit/debit card through Pay Pal

There will be a $25.00 administrative fee charged on all cancellations.

Eskie Express reserves its full rights to refuse service.





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