The only thing they did was grow old

  Here are only a few Seniors and Sanctuary residents, We have taken them in with the knowledge that odds are they wont be adopted. We would like to have folks come by and take some of our Seniors for walks and spend the day with them and such. It would make them happy for the whole week :)

Scroll down to meet  just a few of our Seniors and Sanctuary residents. You can click on the picture for a larger image

We have more seniors living in our sanctuary program and will up date the list as time allows

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 Fleetwood is one of our Sanctuary residents She is 14 years old and very sweet She is here because she has a malignant cancer and needs constant care. We hope we can make her stay here comfortable and happy.

Update: Fleetwood has crossed over the bridge. she is no longer in pain


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Bumble is 12 years old and a very wonderful little boy he arrived in spring of 2009  

We have him for adoption but at 12 years old it is doubtful he will be adopted. He will live a very happy rest of his life here.



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 Shayna came here at 16-Years-Old from the state of Maryland in 2006. She was transported using several volunteer drivers to move her half way across the country. She is a very good girl but also loves her privacy because she was an only child all her life. Her senior citizen owner broke her hip and had to go into a nursing home. 

More pictures of Shayna and her transporters

Here is a video of Shayna playing with the other Eskies she is the one running like a dear.

Here is a YouTube clip of her arrival at the Iowa Eskie Spa and Resort.


Shayna has crossed over the bridge on 6/23/09 she was almost 20 years old


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Duke_relaxing_after_his_bath.jpg (47809 bytes)
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 Duke is 17-years old and flew all the way to the Iowa Eskie Spa and Resort from San Francisco, CA. in 2007 (Boy where his paws tired :) Actually he flew on United Airlines and they took wonderful care of him.
Duke came from the city pound in SF and was almost certain to be put down because of his age. He is a very happy boy and spends most of his time under our feet. What a lover boy!

Take an afternoon stroll with Duke (video)

More pictures of Duke


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SHYLO SHMYLO.jpg (28080 bytes)
SHYLONEWWEB.JPG (116108 bytes)


 (Or better known around the Iowa Eskie Spa and Resort as Shylo Smylobean) Has been in our sanctuary program since late 2001, because she is experiencing the result of a botched knee operation. Shylo was born with a condition were the knee caps do not stay in place and hip displace. Her old humans, having the best of intentions, brought her to their vet and paid a lot of money to have her condition corrected. It didn't work and made her worse and also has made her afraid of being touched. Her old humans actually sent Shylo here from Tennessee because of her behavioral problems; but with much observation and some proffesional advice, we found that her actions are caused by her pain. We have her on some natural and other medications that has helped reduce the pain and she has been more tolerable of humans and other dogs. We has come to find a very sweet girl in Miss Smylobean. She will live here the rest of her life under our sanctuary program.


Shylo passed away on 2/24/09 from kidney failure. 


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Jahmbi1.jpg (15003 bytes)
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Jahmbi pitches in at nap time.jpg (33087 bytes)

Jahmbi Woof

Jahmbi Woof came from a large city pound in September of 2002, when he was 9-years-old. He was a mess he had been standing in his own waste so long that it took the fur off of his backside. He was rashed, infected, full of various parasites and his teeth had never been maintained We cleaned him up and also ended up putting hundreds of dollars into fixing his teeth. Jahmbi is now in our  senior sanctuary program and will live here the rest of his life. He still requires constant dental care (video) He has become one of the most admired sanctuary residents to visitors, he really knows how to "work a room" The bottom picture is of Jahmbi looking after a group of puppies and their mom while they sleep. (Jahmbi is in the top left)

A video of Jahmbi teaching some puppies how to be cool by example 

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tucker_glam_shot.jpg (14977 bytes)
tuck_n_me.jpg (15820 bytes)
tucker1web.jpg (23790 bytes)


Tucker or (Tuck Tuck Goose,<nick name) came here from a bad situation in Missouri in the spring of 2000 at about 3-years-old. He was adopted once but couldn't seem to get over his past issues. We have worked with him relentlessly to correct the problems from his abusive past and he does great most of the time, but there are certain things like chemical smells, like PVC pipe primer and other chemicals that could be associated to the illegal drug trade and there are also certain types clothing that seem to make him remember and want to resort to his past.  He will live in safety under our sanctuary program for the rest of his life.     

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popcorn_on_his_way_somwhere.jpg (37114 bytes)
PopcornnPerry2.jpg (34342 bytes)
PopcornnPerry3.jpg (30923 bytes)


Popcorn came to us in 2004 at 7 years old.  He spent a whole year in a shelter in Michigan before he was transferred here. We believe Popcorn was beaten badly because of his unwillingness to interact with others including the other dogs, although he trusts me, in the past 6 months or so, he has been secretly following visitors around the grounds but turns back when he knows they see him, We see this as a sign of progress.    

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jack_6.jpg (18277 bytes)
jack_4.jpg (27179 bytes)

Happy Jack

Happy Jack came to us in 2001 at 5 years old he is a very good boy (when he wants to be) and loves to grin at you when he meets you. Jack was adopted out a few times and kept coming back. We believe he decided to stay here for the long term.    

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shellie3.jpg (32995 bytes)


About one week after Missy's departure to the rainbow bridge in May of 2004 we were yet blessed with another 14 year old Eskie that needed some good food and a nice soft bed. We call her Shelli Belly. She doesn't have the horrifying past that Missy had but her story is a sad story in itself. She lost her human father to a sudden death and her human mom and her son with Down Syndrome were forced to downsize. The last thing they needed in this trying time was to loose their Eskie. She has gotten used to life at Iowa Eskie Spa and Resort. And can eat quite a bit for a thin older gal :) 
The picture below was taken 5-10-2005 as Shelli takes a stroll through the little enchanted forest. 

Update: Shelli Has crossed over the rainbow bridge this January 2007.

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abby_gf_web.jpg (16566 bytes)
abby_rhoads.JPG (24868 bytes)
abby_back_yard.jpg (21948 bytes)

Miss Abby Rhoads

Abby and her story(s) can be found in many areas of this site. She has been with us since summer of 2000. She was up for adoption for about a year but no one seemed to be able to get past her vision problems and her under bite. She has been here long enough the it would be devastating to her to be moved again and she will live under our sanctuary program for the rest of her life. Click here to see a bit more about Abby 

Animated Abby the Ballerina                

sammie.jpg (31223 bytes)
sammie2.jpg (37421 bytes)
sammie3.jpg (37297 bytes)

Sammie from Miami    

Sammie is 12 years old and a complete joy to see every morning before work. She prefers to sleep downstairs and is a very happy face to see first thing in the morning. She still loves to play/wrestle with the young kids and play soccer with her plastic bowl too. 


Sammie has passed over to the Rainbow Bridge
for more information, click on Sammie's Memorial Page


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cassie1.jpg (22248 bytes)
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cassie3.jpg (53329 bytes)


Cassie or better know at the Iowa Eskie Spa and Resort as CassO'Dia ( ok its a cheesy name, but we like it :)) was 12 years old we she came here in late 2001 and spent most of her life with Kodiak (below) She is gentle and sweet as the day is long. She stayed with Kodiak as a bonded pair until his passing. She lost her home and her life mate, but we hope we can preserve her spirit


On Monday November 07 2005 at 4:40 pm Cassie crossed over to the rainbow bridge at the age of 16-years old. She was the life mate of Kodiak below who passed on on January of 2002 They both came here on our Senior Sanctuary program as an unseparatable pair.
She had a happy energetic life for the 4 years she was with us. She died from a sudden stroke. We will always remember her as a being that enjoyed life and wanted to live it like she was riding the wind, and she did until her last breath.


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Kody.jpg (47437 bytes)
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kody2.jpg (41249 bytes)


Kodiak is the life mate of Cassie (above) at 14 years old he still has the playfulness of a 2 year old and is also a peaceful soul. He is still proud to stand  and lay at Cassie's side and she still thinks he's a Mango :)  


 It is always hardest to take when you don't see things coming. Even at 14 years old, Kodiak seemed like he could go on forever. Kodiak lived outside all his life and for most of his life did without. And if it weren't for Cassie (above) he would of had nothing. On January 1st  we lost Kodiak. He was only 4 days from his Knee Muscle surgery. He died in his sleep. We will be returning the funds collected for his surgery. I believe a gentle loving soul like Kodiak with no animosities towards any living being has reached nirvana. He will rest comfortably at the Rainbow Bridge and all his functions will be returned to perfect working order. Dear Kodiak, May you always feel the sun on your body and a warm gentle breeze around you. Peace be with you always.

Update 2

Many expressed concern over what caused Kodiak's sudden death. When this happens we are also concerned not only for knowledge, but the safety of the other Eskies in our care. We try to take every precaution possible to prevent conditions that might be detrimental to the Eskies health. We had a postmortem autopsy done by Dr. Scott Moline of Kindness Pet Clinic and the results were that his left Heart valve had failed while he was sleeping. If you wish to make an acknowledgement on his behalf it can be done by following the How can you help link.



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Introduction: American Eskimo Dog s.

 American Eskimo Dog, breed of domestic dog introduced to the United States from Germany in either the late 19th century or the early 20th century. Despite The American Eskimo Dogs resemblance to Inuit sled dogs, the American Eskimo dog, nicknamed the Eskie, is a type of spitz dog, Modern families of American Eskimo Dog s can be traced to the American Eskimo Dog of the late Stone Age (about 6000 years ago). American Eskimo dogs are intelligent, energetic dogs that typically have bright white coats.

The standard American Eskimo dog weighs 18 to 35 lb and has a shoulder height of 15 to 19 inch. American Eskimo Dogs belonging to a miniature variety of this breed weigh 10 to 20 lb and are 11 to 14 inch tall. American Eskimo Dogs of the toy-dog variety, which is even smaller than the miniature variety, has been developed, but the Toy American Eskimo Dog is not recognized as a distinct breed by the American Kennel Club.

American Eskimo dog s have wedge-shaped skulls with wide muzzles; oval, dark brown eyes; and triangular, erect ears that are rounded at the top. The American Eskimo dog has a thick double coats that are either pure white or cream colored. The American Eskimo dog s coats are thickest around the neck, where they form a mane like ruff, which is especially obvious on American Eskimo males. the tail is curved and is covered with long hair.

American Eskimo dog s have a good-natured temperament that makes them suitable for many living situations. Because of their high energy, however, American Eskimo Dogs become noisy or destructive if they are forced to be inactive. The American Eskimo Dog is a great companion dog because of their intelligence and eagerness to please. The American Eskimo Dog is rarely used to perform work.











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